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Why is this webite called ‘PhiloMind’?

One part of the answer is illustrated in my philomind map:

My philomind map
My philomind map

The other part is: I like software-based mapping of the mind.

What is ‘mapping of the mind’?

Mapping of the mind denotes a set of various approaches to draw maps of the mind, that is to visualise thoughts, notes, ideas etc in a brain-friendly manner. The most prominent techniques are concept mapping and mind mapping.

How is this site maintained?

This website is created by using open-source components:

  • Hakyll: A static site generator.
  • Pandoc: A universal document converter implicitly used by Hakyll.
  • Markdown: A lightweight markup language (using Pandoc’s extensions).
  • YAML: An HTML/CSS framework.


English is not my mother tongue. Please excuse all related quirks!

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