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Website relaunch

Volker Rautenberg

04 Jul 2017 (last change: 04 Jul 2017)

This website has been inactive for quite some time. But the idea of reactivating it has also been in my mind for quite some time. Since then a lot has happened in the background:

  • I have looked at static site generators and evaluated a couple of them.
  • First, I was trying a few generators based on the Ruby programming language. While they appeared promising at the beginning, it turned out that they either were too limited for my purposes (Jekyll and Nanoc) or too feature-rich (Middleman). Going through the Ruby package dependency hell was another interesting experience.
  • I ended up with the Hakyll site generator, a tool written in the Haskell programming language. It turned out to be a versatile tool, even though Haskell at that time had provided its own variant of the dependency hell. But fortunately, the Stack tool has greatly improved this situation.
  • Hakyll uses Pandoc to create HTML5 output from Pandoc’s Markdown input markup.
  • Finally, this website got a blog.

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